A new secular Buddhist sangha in Canada

May 29, 2023

Hope Sangha is a new secular Buddhist sangha in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that I have founded. I currently run Hope Yoga & Meditation and the new sangha grew out of my meditation teacher training (MTT) program and the wonderful discussions and learnings that occurred there. I wanted the sense of community, exploration, healing, and connection to continue past the MTT graduation.

The sangha meets once a month, and each month has a themed topic. We begin each meeting with an introduction to the topic and a short meditation. Then the floor is opened to lightly facilitated group discussion on the month’s topic. We end the sangha gathering with a longer meditation themed to that month’s topic.

Attendance is by donation, pay-what-you-can, and any donations over and above the cost of studio/space rental is given to local charities. Hope Sangha is meant to be an opportunity for like-minded and curious individuals to gather, meditate together, hold discussion, learn from each other, and build community. Meeting facilitators and monthly topics will rotate based on volunteer commitment or will otherwise be facilitated by me. Currently, we are meeting the first Friday of the month at an inner-city yoga and meditation studio (Yoga MCC) from 6:30-8:00pm.

For more information or to register, email connect@hopeyogayyc.com or visit www.hopeyogayyc.com.



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Congratulations on founding such a beautiful sharing space for your community. Warmest wishes for you and all your Sangha participants

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