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Reimagining Community newsletter #2 Nov 2019
In the second issue of the newsletter we introduce a new post on goals in meditation, introduce you (probably) to the online group Re~Collective, and Bernat Font from the secular Buddhist group in Barcelona writes on Sharing our practice in a group.
Reimagining Community newsletter #1 Oct 2019
This is the first issue of Reimagining Community – the successor to ‘In This Moment’, the Aotearoa New Zealand secular Buddhist newsletter. It will go out monthly with news and updates from a brand new website at
Key elements of secular Buddhism – a framework
While secular Buddhism is not a ‘school’ of Buddhism with a set of orthodox beliefs and established institutions which represent this trend, secular Buddhists do share some common perspectives.
Two misconceptions about secular Buddhism
Despite the claims of some critics, secular Buddhists are not anti-religious and the goal of a secular dharma is not simply stress reduction but a radical transformation of individuals and society.
Stephen Batchelor: books, articles, and interviews
Stephen Batchelor's books, articles, and dharma talks have offered a compelling vision of a secular dharma based on individual transformation and creating a “culture of awareness” in this world.
Winton Higgins: books, articles, and talks
Winton Higgins' articles and dharma talks provide us with a clear understanding of the development of secular Buddhism and the ways in which a secular approach differs from traditional forms of Buddhism.
Podcasts and video blogs
Secular Buddhists are using all the tools of modern technology to share our views and to discuss ways of developing a secular dharma, including podcasts and a video blog (“vlog”)
Check out the list of secular Buddhist groups and communities in the USA.
Secular versus traditional approaches to meditation
In his 2015 book After Buddhism Stephen Batchelor argues that the goal of meditation for secular Buddhists is not achieving nirvana but gaining an embodied understanding of our experiences from moment to moment.
Dharma talks for secular Buddhists
One of the most valuable sources for Buddhist insights and teachings – from both secular as well traditional perspectives – is the plethora of dharma talks available to practitioners on the web.
Take a look at the secular Buddhist groups and communities in Australia
Check out the secular Buddhist groups & communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Check out the secular Buddhist groups and communities in Europe and South America.