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Reexamining ‘truths’ and ‘tasks’ in secular Buddhism: a dialogue
Mike Slott, Winton Higgins, Stephen Batchelor, and Jonathan Golden discuss the relationship of truths and tasks in a secular approach to the dharma.
Interview with Winton Higgins on his new book, ‘Revamp: writings on secular Buddhism’
Winton Higgins, a meditation teacher, member of the Tuwhiri Project editorial board, and contributor to the Secular Buddhist Network website, was interviewed by Tricycle magazine editor James Shaheen on 18 November 2021 about his new book,  'Revamp: writings on secular Buddhism'.
Stephen Batchelor’s dharma talks on a secular reinterpretation of the eightfold path
At Buddha-Stiftung's fifth study retreat, which was held in October 2021, Stephen Batchelor discussed a secular reinterpretation of the Eightfold Path that is appropriate and helpful for our contemporary world.  As part of this reinterpretation, Stephen suggested a different order of the limbs of the Eightfold Path and offered a new interpretation of each limb.
Rethinking the Dharma / Reimagining Community #26 November 2021
Welcome to our November 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight a recent dharma talk by Stephen Batchelor, an SBN interview with meditation teacher Dave Smith, an article by Alex Carr on meditating during the time of COVID, and an article by Anna Delacroix on a daily online meditation group led by reflective meditation teachers Linda Modaro and Nelly Kaufer. We also note an article by Winton Higgins in an upcoming issue of the newsletter, Creative Dharma and an interview with Winton, scheduled for 18 November, on his new book, Revamp: writings on secular Buddhism.
Interview with Dave Smith on teaching during COVID and a secular approach to the dharma
Dave Smith is an internationally recognized Buddhist meditation teacher, addiction treatment specialist, and published author. We recently interviewed Dave about the impact of COVID on his teaching programs and his evolving understanding of secularity and a secular dharma.
Stephen Batchelor on the ‘Parable of the Snake’ and the need to reimagine Buddhism
Stephen Batchelor led a meditation and offered a dharma talk to the Community Meditation Center (CMC), an Insight meditation center based in New York City, USA.  Stephen's talk was on the 'Parable of the Snake,' a sutta in which Gotama, the historical Buddha, discussed different ways of approach the dharma.
Rethinking the Dharma / Reimagining Community #25 October 2021
Welcome to our October 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight the unique path of a secular Buddhist monastic, an early experiment in a more secular approach to the dharma in Japan. an interview with a meditation teacher active in the climate group Extinction Rebellion, and an online event featuring an artist engaging in the ecological crises of our time. Finally, we explain why we've changed the name of this newsletter.
Two years of SBN: an update
The Secular Buddhist Network (SBN) website and our monthly newsletter went 'live' two years ago. In this article we assess the progress made in achieving the goals for SBN that we initially established and two recent changes. We also ask for your feedback.
Reimagining Community newsletter #24 September 2021
Welcome to our September 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight a critical review of a book published by Shambhala Publications on secularizing trends in Buddhism, two articles on a secular approach to meditation, and an account of an Argentinian sangha combining forms of Vajrayana Buddhism with a democratic and participatory mode of functioning.
Reimagining Community newsletter #23 August 2021
Welcome to our August 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight an interview with Linda Modaro on the need for ethical reflection by meditation teachers and dharma group leaders, a last call for registration for SBN's Fall 2021 online course on Exploring a secular dharma, and two articles which connect secular Buddhism with broader, socially engaged perspectives and practices.
Reimagining Community newsletter #22 July 2021
Welcome to our July 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight a discussion on secular Buddhism and Robert M. Ellis's Middle Way Philosophy, the opening of registration for SBN's Fall 2021 online course on Exploring a secular dharma, and a new book by Paul Andrew Powell which explores the connection between Zen and our secular world.
Books and articles on secular Buddhism
One indication of the growing interest in secular Buddhism is the large number of books and articles that have been recently written on the topic or which discuss issues related to secular Buddhism.
Robert M. Ellis and Winton Higgins discuss Middle Way Philosophy and Secular Buddhism
Robert M. Ellis and Winton Higgins engage in a discussion about Middle Way Philosophy and secular Buddhism, exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective.
Robert M. Ellis’ talks on his book, ‘The Buddha’s Middle Way’
In a series of seven talks based on his book, 'The Buddha’s Middle Way: Experiential Judgement in his Life and Teaching', Robert M. Ellis puts forward an interpretation of the Buddha as a potential inspiration for Middle Way practice, led by practical needs rather than by traditional or historical claims in Buddhism.
Reimagining Community newsletter #21 June 2021
Welcome to our June 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight new articles by Richard Winters and Mike Slott, a report on the book launches for Winton Higgins's collection of essays on secular Buddhism, and a review of Winton's book by Alex Carr.