Books, podcasts, and interviews

In the last twenty years the number of books, articles, dharma talks and podcasts related to secular Buddhism has grown enormously. Those who are curious about this approach to Buddhism will find a wide range of resources available to help them develop their understanding, and deepen their practice.

On this page you will find some recommended reading to introduce and explore the subject, and more articles written by a number of secular Buddhist writers that will help you to dig a little deeper.


Books and articles on secular Buddhism

One indication of the growing interest in secular Buddhism is the large number of books and articles that have been recently written on the topic or which discuss issues related to secular Buddhism.

By SBN Editor

Tuwhiri: a secular Buddhist publishing imprint

The Tuwhiri Project is a publishing imprint which was initiated by secular dharma practitioners in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. As well as publishing books, Tuwhiri helped to develop the Secular Buddhist Network’s online course, Exploring a secular dharma and publishes Creative Dharma, a newsletter.

By Ramsey Margolis

Stephen Batchelor: books, articles, and interviews

Stephen Batchelor’s books, articles, and dharma talks have offered a compelling vision of a secular dharma based on individual transformation and creating a “culture of awareness” in this world.

By SBN Editor

Winton Higgins: books, articles, and talks

Winton Higgins’ articles and dharma talks provide us with a clear understanding of the development of secular Buddhism and the ways in which a secular approach differs from traditional forms of Buddhism.

By SBN Editor

Podcasts and video blogs

Secular Buddhists are using all the tools of modern technology to share our views and to discuss ways of developing a secular dharma, including podcasts and a video blog (“vlog”)

By SBN Editor


A review of Lenorë Lambert’s The Buddha for modern minds: a non-religious guide to the Buddha and his teachings

By Winton Higgins

Lorna Edwards on Frederick Buechner’s poem, ‘Found’

By Lorna Edwards

Lenorë Lambert’s The Buddha for Modern Minds: A non-religious guide to the Buddha and his teachings

By Lenorë Lambert

An adventure in embracing life

By Lorna Edwards

‘Don’t Expect a Standing Ovation’: Richard Winter’s new book on 59 ‘Mind-Training’ slogans

By Richard Winter

Linda Modaro on the need for ethical reflection by teachers and dharma leaders

By Linda Modaro

A Review of Rick Heller’s ‘Secular Meditation’

By Sylvie Vanasse

Why Buddhism is NOT a science of the mind: a review of Evan Thompson’s ‘Why I am not a Buddhist’

By Bernat Font