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A review of David McMahan’s new book, ‘Rethinking Meditation’
In his review of David McMahan’s Rethinking Meditation, Mike Slott argues that McMahan’s insightful analysis of meditation misses one key factor: the impact of neo-liberal capitalism on contemporary meditative practices.
Bodhi College’s Secular Dharma Course
Bodhi College’s self-study, online course, After Buddhism and Beyond, will offer a comprehensive series of Stephen Batchelor’s lectures, reflections, and discussions on the theme of Secular Dharma. The course includes videos with talks and Q&As, Stephen’s notes, questions for self reflection, and a resources guide.  
Secular Buddhism briefly explained
Jochen Weber offers his perspective on the key elements of a secular approach to the dharma.
A practitioner’s journey to secular Buddhism: Craig
Craig Murphy encountered Buddhist-inspired meditation practices through John Kabat-Zinn’s MBSR approach in the early 1990s. Craig has found that a secular approach which eschews metaphysics to be most consistent with his perspective toward life and society.
A taste of reflective meditation
If you would like to learn more about the reflective meditation approach, Linda Modaro and Nelly Kaufer are offering an introduction to reflective meditation on 20 September and 23 October.
SBN’s online discussion group: meeting summaries
SBN’s online discussion group meets the third Thursday of each month. For those who cannot attend, we provide summaries of the topics discussed at each meeting.
Embrace what you play
Pedro Bellora explains how a phrase he read in a music book not only changed the way he played but helped him to connect more deeply to a basic concept of secular Buddhism, the four tasks.
Looking for a sangha?
Many secular dharma practitioners are looking for in-person sanghas to enrich their practice. To facilitate the development of local sanghas, SBN has established a listing for individuals looking to meet others in their geographical area.
Developing the muscle of reflection in meditation practice
Linda Modaro and Nelly Kaufer discuss the role and value of reflection in meditation practice in a three-part podcast series.
Moving from regret to remorse
Tom Cummings discusses the difference between regret, which is linked to anger and resentment, and remorse, which elicits a response of compassion and caring.
An interview with Dave Smith on his 2024 MBEL program
In a 10 July interview with SBN, Dave Smith, an insight meditation and secular mindfulness teacher, discussed his new program on Mindfulness Based Ethical Living (MBEL), which will begin January 2024.
Tread with care: a secular Buddhist’s approach
Tom Cummings discusses how Gotama’s injunction to tread the path with care, calls on us to think rigorously about how we’re living our one and only life, and especially about how we’re interacting with all those we meet along our path.
TIBET HOUSE US: a resource for secular Buddhists
Cedar Thokme discusses how and why Tibet House US, a non-profit center founded at the request of the Dalai Lama began, and the resources it currently offers to secular and traditional Buddhists alike.
Discovering the art of waiting – the importance of patience and impatience in Buddhism
From a Buddhist perspective, waiting is not an obstacle but an opportunity for growth and the development of wisdom. Jochen Weber explores how waiting mindfully is an opportunity to practice the art of patience and equanimity.
Secular Buddhism and Buddhist Modernism
Ira Rifkin discusses how the growth of secular Buddhism in recent years is part of a broader trend in society to question orthodox beliefs and to develop new forms of spirituality.