Courses & Retreats

Exploring a secular dharma: SBN’s online course
SBN’s free online course on explores key concepts a secular dharma. Participants in the course will go through the course modules, discuss the topics in each module with each other, and meet on Zoom every two weeks with the instructors for the course.
Bodhi College’s Secular Dharma Course
Bodhi College’s self-study, online course, After Buddhism and Beyond, will offer a comprehensive series of Stephen Batchelor’s lectures, reflections, and discussions on the theme of Secular Dharma. The course includes videos with talks and Q&As, Stephen’s notes, questions for self reflection, and a resources guide.  
An interview with Dave Smith on his 2024 MBEL program
In a 10 July interview with SBN, Dave Smith, an insight meditation and secular mindfulness teacher, discussed his new program on Mindfulness Based Ethical Living (MBEL), which will begin January 2024.
Mindfulness Based Ethical Living (MBEL): an update
Since November 2022, eighteen people from twelve countries have been developing a new online course, Mindfulness Based Ethical Living (MBEL). The course will offer an ethical and philosophical framework for a flourishing life, based on a secular interpretation of the Buddhist foundation of mindfulness.
Mindfulness and the Four Noble Truths
At an online program sponsored by New York Insight Meditation Center, Dave Smith presented the Four Noble Truths as four tasks for engaging in an ethical, flourishing life.
Mindfulness for Everyone: an online course
Dave Smith, a Buddhist meditation teacher and co-founder of the Secular Dharma Foundation, is offering a new online course, Mindfulness for Everyone. This self-paced course offers a dynamic and comprehensive understanding of mindfulness from a secular perspective.
Stephen Batchelor’s program on Mindfulness Based Human Flourishing
Stephen Batchelor offered a series of four workshops last month on the topic of ‘Mindfulness Based Human Flourishing (MBHF): The Ethics and Philosophy of Mindful Living’.  The workshops explored  the role of mindfulness practice as a key to flourishing in every aspect of human life.
Tirylan House: A new retreat centre for integrative practice
Robert M. Ellis and his partner, Viryanaya, have opened a new retreat centre in Wales: Tirylan House. Beginning in March 2022, they will host a variety of retreats, some with the ‘Buddhist’ and others with the ‘Middle Way’ labels, but what binds them together is the commitment to bringing a range of integrative practices together.
Linda Modaro on the need for ethical reflection by teachers and dharma leaders
In an interview with SBN, Linda Modaro, a meditation teacher, discussed a course that she has developed and taught on ethical reflecting for meditation teachers and dharma group leaders.
Upcoming courses and retreats for secular Buddhists
Upcoming courses, workshops, and retreats led by Stephen Batchelor and other teachers which focus on issues essential to developing a secular dharma.
Secular Dharma Foundation: Educational tools & resources
The mission of the Secular Dharma Foundation is to foster the advancement of emotional and psychological well-being through the education and integration of mindfulness, psychology, and various therapeutic modalities.