Meditators needed for a collaborative photography project

February 21, 2021

I am on a search to find meditators from around the world willing to take part in a collaborative photography project. Participation is very simple!

The aim is to use modern technology to connect with people from a variety of different spiritual and secular traditions in this period of physical isolation and lockdown.

I am asking for individuals to take two pictures to send to me.

Picture 1 - A picture of yourself in a space in which you meditate.

Picture 2 - Any picture that represents meditation for you (this could be absolutely anything).

The ultimate goal will be to bring all participants together in a shared online space for a collective meditation, and to provide a visual representation for our inner experiences. The meditation is completely optional and will be on a donation basis, with all proceeds going to The David Lynch Foundation whose work brings meditation to communities in need. Pictures to be sent to my email -

If you know anyone that might enjoy taking part, please encourage them to do so. The more the better. I will set up a mailing list and Google Drive link for everyone involved so we can see each other's images and stay updated about the group meditation. It will be interesting to see what we can make together.

I was first introduced to meditation three years ago and since my first practice it has become a vital part of my life. It has given me space, contentment, acceptance and peace. I thought this project would be a cool way to connect with others who share these experiences and explore the universality of meditation's positive influence. The imagery that emerges from everyone's participation will be a great way to convey these inner states and perhaps encourage people who have not meditated to consider introducing it into their daily routine. This gift should be shared, and my current studies as a documentary photographer in London has given me a perfect excuse to explore this as a theme!

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