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September 8, 2019

Not surprisingly, secular Buddhists are using all the tools of modern technology to share our views and to discuss ways of developing a secular dharma relevant to our contemporary society.  Four podcasts and a video blog (“vlog”) offer useful information and analysis.

Ted Meissner’s Secular Buddhist podcast

For over ten years, Ted Meissner interviewed Buddhist practitioners and writers involved in a wide range of lineages and approaches.

Executive Director of the Secular Buddhist Association, Ted has been a meditator for over 25 years with backgrounds in Zen and Theravada, and is a University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness Certified MBSR Teacher.

Ted’s podcast can be found at secularbuddhism.org/author/ted-meissner

Noah Rasheta’s Secular Buddhism podcast

Noah Rasheta is a Buddhist teacher, lay minister, and author, as well as the host of the podcast Secular Buddhism.

He teaches mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy. Noah’s podcast can be found at secularbuddhism.com

Doug Smith’s video blogs on early Buddhism and secular Buddhism – Doug’s Dharma

Doug Smith is the Secular Buddhist Association Study Director. He has a PhD in Philosophy, with a minor in Buddhist philosophy and Sanskrit.

Doug has written numerous blog posts for the Secular Buddhist Association’s website, but has focused since 2017 on producing video blogs on topics related to Early Buddhism and secular Buddhism.

To see his videos, go to:  https://www.youtube.com/c/DougsDharma

New books in spiritual practice and mindfulness podcast

Marshall Poe interviews spiritual practitioners about their new books.


The Imperfect Buddha podcast

The podcast began in 2015 with the purpose of challenging Buddhism to come out of its cosy, comfortable spaces and dare to think differently. Since its inception, Stuart Baldwin and Matthew O’Connell have mixed guest interviews with explorative conversations on important topics. Stuart left the podcast in 2018 and since then Matthew has been the host of the podcast.


The Mindful Cranks Podcast

Hosted by Ron Purser and David Forbes, The Mindful Cranks broadly explores the cultural translation of Buddhism in the West, various facets of Buddhist modernism, and the mainstreaming of mindfulness in secular contexts. The podcast serves as a forum for voices that go beyond the dominant narratives which have been thus far uncritical of consumerism, medicalization, psychologization, corporatization and self-help approaches.




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