Reimagining Community newsletter #14 November 2020

October 30, 2020


#14  November 2020

Welcome to our November 2020 newsletter.

This month we highlight new articles by Seth Zuihō Segall and Winton Higgins, two online courses on the secular dharma,  two new books by Tuwhiri,  and a new course from Sati Sangha on ‘ethical reflecting.’ We also ask for feedback about the website and newsletter.

Why I am not a secular Buddhist

Seth Zuihō Segall, the author of Buddhism and human flourishing,  considers his ‘naturalized’ and ‘eudaimonic’ approach to  Buddhism ‘close cousins’ to secular Buddhism. Yet, he believes that the word ‘secular’ implies a set of connotations he does not wish to affirm.

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….and Winton Higgins responds

Winton Higgins asserts that Seth mistakenly assumes that all secular Buddhists support a ‘scientistic’ form of secular Buddhism which is hostile to religion. In fact, many secular Buddhists advocate an ‘interpretive’ approach which integrates dharmic insights with modern perspectives to promote human flourishing in this life.

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What you think about this website and our monthly newsletter?

We want the SBN website and our monthly newsletter to be as useful and relevant as possible. To that end, we invite you to give us feedback through an online survey which will take just a few minutes to complete.

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Two online courses on secular dharma

Registrations are now open for SBN’s free online course on exploring a secular dharma. Participants in the course will discuss the topics in each module with each other and meet on Zoom every two weeks with the instructors for the course. The course is limited to 20 participants. For more information and/or to register for the course, click here.


Another excellent online course on the secular dharma, After Buddhism and beyond,  is being offered by Bodhi College. Taught by Stephen Batchelor, this online course includes a comprehensive series of lectures, reflections, and discussions on the theme of Secular Dharma. For more information, click here.

Both courses will begin February 2021.

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Connect with Secular Buddhists worldwide

If you have a sangha, centre, meditation group, resource or website, or are an individual who would like to connect with other secular Buddhists, fill out our simple form and we can add you to our listing of secular Buddhist groups and individuals.

We’ve also developed an interactive map as a visual aid to encourage communication and also make it easy to see where we might find others travelling the same spiritual path.

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Coming soon from Tuwhiri

The Tuwhiri Project, which produces educational resources for secular dharma practitioners and our communities, is publishing two new books: Refit: selected writings on secular Buddhism by Winton Higgins and I love you: public policy for intergenerational wellbeing by Girol Karacaoglu.

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Sati Sangha to offer ‘Ethical Reflecting’ course

Sati Sangha is offering an online course on ‘ethical reflection’ for Buddhist meditation and mindfulness teachers. Based on a collaborative, relational model of learning interspersed with time to meditate together, the participants will meet monthly over a three month period. The course begins January 2021.

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