Reimagining Community newsletter #15 December 2020

November 30, 2020


#15  December 2020

Welcome to our December 2020 newsletter.

This month we announce a new online group for secular Buddhists. We also highlight the continuing debate between Seth Zuihō Segall and Winton Higgins on secular Buddhism, an interview with Robert Wright, a new dharma talk by Stephen Batchelor,  and the Spring 2021 SBN course on After Buddhism: exploring a secular dharma.

An online group for secular Buddhists

Several participants in SBN’s After Buddhism online course have been meeting online since June 2020 to discuss issues related to secular Buddhism. They have decided to expand the focus of the group to include an optional period of meditation along with an exploration of secular Buddhist perspectives and practices. The meetings will be held on a monthly basis via Zoom.

If you would like more information on this group or want to participate, please click here. Please indicate your interest in the 'Your message' text box.

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The debate on secular Buddhism continues

Beginning with Seth Zuihō Segall’s article, ‘Why I am not a secular Buddhist,’  Seth and Winton Higgins have engaged in a dialogue about the meaning and value of secular Buddhism. They have discussed the notion of secularity, religion and religious experience, the role of community, and other key issues.

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SBN interview with Robert Wright

SBN interviewed Robert Wright, the author of why Buddhism is True, on evolutionary psychology, his naturalistic approach to Buddhism, and his view of secular Buddhism.

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Stephen Batchelor on a 'Secular Perspective on the Eightfold Path     

In an online dharma talk given to the Community Meditation Center (New York City, USA), Stephen Batchelor discussed a secular perspective on the Noble Eightfold Path. Stephen not only presented the path factors in a different order than the standard account, but offered a new interpretation of each path factor's role in the path.

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Connect with Secular Buddhists worldwide

If you have a sangha, centre, meditation group, resource or website, or are an individual who would like to connect with other secular Buddhists, fill out our simple form and we can add you to our listing of secular Buddhist groups and individuals.

We've also developed an interactive map as a visual aid to encourage communication and also make it easy to see where we might find others travelling the same spiritual path.

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Register now for SBN's online course on After Buddhism: exploring a secular dharma

Registrations are still open for SBN's free online course based on Stephen Batchelor's book, After Buddhism. The course will begin February 3. Participants in the course will discuss the topics in each module with each other and meet on Zoom every two weeks with the instructors for the course. The course is limited to 20 participants. For more information and/or to register for the course, click here.

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Learn about the basic ideas and concepts of secular Buddhism through a free online course

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