Rethinking the Dharma / Reimagining Community #58 July 2024

June 30, 2024

Welcome to our July 2024 newsletter.

This month we feature new articles by John Danvers,  Berislav Nižić, Bhikkhu Santi, and Karsten Struhl . We also highlight the next book from Tuwhiri, Mindful Solidarity.   

Self-Sayings of a (Sometimes) Secular Monk

In a series of three articles, Bhikkhu Santi offers a set of secular ‘self-sayings’ or principles for approaching the dharma, both in the sense of ‘all phenomena’ and the dharma found in Buddhist texts, teachings, and practices.
Click here for Part I.
Click here for Part II.
Click here for Part III.

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Collective Trauma, Revenge, and Cycles of Violence: A Buddhist Approach to the Israeli-Palestinian Situation

Karsten Struhl addresses the intersection of the collective traumas of two peoples and considers how a Buddhist perspective can help us better understand the cycles of violence and how we might respond to them.

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The Next Book from Tuwhiri: Mindful Solidarity

Tuwhiri, a publishing imprint which provides educational resources for secular dharma practitioners, announces their next book, Mindful Solidarity: A Secular Buddhist–Democratic Socialist Dialogue, by Mike Slott.

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Mindful Ethics, Capitalism and Sustainability: Invest in Life, not Death

John Danvers argues that the current neoliberal capitalist system is unsustainable and calls for a reformed capitalism more focused on caring for each other and the earth.

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Skilled Communication versus Right Speech

Berislav Nižić contends that, in a modern version of the eightfold path, skilled communication is a more appropriate term and concept than ‘right speech’.

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Connect with the Secular Buddhist Network

Looking for a sangha?  - To facilitate the development of local sanghas, SBN has established a listing for individuals looking to meet others in their geographical area. When you join the listing, you'll have access to a private listing of individuals who are seeking sangha-mates.

SBN's monthly discussion group  - Meets the third Thursday of each month on Zoom. It’s a great opportunity for secular Buddhists and those who are interested in learning more about a secular approach to the dharma to connect with each other and to discuss key issues.

Sunday meditation group - Meets every Sunday at 11 am US Eastern Time on Zoom. After brief meditation instructions, we meditate silently for 30 minutes, followed by a period of sharing our experiences with each other.

SBN reading group - Meets the first Thursday of each month on Zoom. The readings are chosen by the participants and focus on issues related to a secular Buddhism, including basic concepts of a secular approach, meditation, mindfulness, and the relationship between secular Buddhism and traditional Buddhist lineages and practices.

Exploring aging from a secular Buddhist perspective - Meets the second and last Monday of each month on Zoom. The group shares experiences of aging and how we can use our practice to respond skillfully to the process of aging.

Secular Dharma and Political Activism  - Meets the first Friday of every month on Zoom. This discussion group is for those who wish to share their experiences of and discuss new possibilities for bringing secular Buddhist ideas, ethics, and practices to community groups and political movements. 

Secular Buddhist Zen Pub - Meets every Saturday, 11 am US Eastern Time on Zoom. A weekly drop-in which will reward participants with dharma insights and practical applications (including friendships). 

SBN online course on Exploring a secular dharma - Learn about the basic ideas and concepts of secular Buddhism through a free online course.

Upcoming Events, Workshops, and Retreats

SBN's Calendar of Meetings and Courses  - A calendar of SBN sponsored discussion and meditation groups, as well as SBN's courses on secular Buddhism.

Upcoming courses and retreats  - Click here for a listing of upcoming courses, programs, and retreats of interest for secular Buddhists and socially engaged Buddhists.

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