SBN’s new online group: the Secular Buddhist Zen Pub

January 21, 2024

Welcome! A group of us are experimenting with a Saturday morning weekly zoom that is easy to drop in on, and rewarding through dharma insights and practical applications (including friendships).

To learn more about the Secular Buddhist Zen Pub, click here to go to the group's website.

Click here if you are interested in joining the Secular Buddhist Zen Pub.

As Thich Nhat Hanh once described sangha, it can be a place of joy to better resist the temptation to be overwhelmed by despair through the powerful energy of mindfulness and peace (Fear, 2014).

So joy, grief, insight and curiosity might be found here through conversation.

We meet on Saturdays at 11 am, current Eastern Time (New York, USA).

You can use Time Buddy to find out what time this would be in your time zone.

If you are interested or want to sign up for the Secular Zen Pub, click here.

Send the host comments and questions through this form.

Most Current Format

Begin: Greetings and brainstorming ideas for Round 1 of small groups.

10-15 minute mark: Round 1 small breakout groups for 15 - 20 minutes.

30 minute mark: Back to main group for brief cross-sharing.

40 minute mark: Round 2 small breakout groups for 15 - 30 minutes -- leave zoom when ready

Round 2 will have set titles for groups so small friend groups can meet up, yet always welcoming.

Round 2 will include flexible titles for continuing Round 1 new topics, or ongoing topics such as certain book titles, authors, or subjects.

Monthly Themes

The first Saturday of the month might have the largest turnout, and the other Saturdays of the month might have continuing conversation of specific themes.

February 2024: Right action (Non-violence, ethics, peace--personal and global)

Most Current List of Round 2 Group Names

Aloe Friend group

Birch Friend group

Cedar Friend group, etc.

Note: Groups that consider themselves full will contact the leaders to have it marked that way at their website. Friend group size will probably be between 6 - 10 members each. If you are looking to join a friend group, announce it on the zoom, visit a few groups, or ask to start a new one. We plan to keep these friend groups small so that everyone can have an opportunity to share and connect.

Current events

Dharma books

Teaching Mindfulness


Today group --Suggest your own Round 2 Group at any meeting.

Group Norms:

Kindness, celebration of diversity, respect

Privacy, confidentiality, no recordings

Step-up / Step-down -- please be mindful if it is time to speak more or to speak less



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