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Association of Mindfulness Meditation and Secular Buddhism

Branded iSecularBuddhist, the Association for Mindfulness Meditation and Secular Buddhism advocates, introduces and teaches the benefits of these practices without reference to god(s), gurus or supernatural forces to the diverse secular communities in the USA and around the world. Their podcast focuses largely on ‘recovering from religion’.


Noah Rasheta – Secular Buddhism Podcast

Offers a podcast for secular-minded people who are interested in learning about Buddhist philosophy.


Secular Buddhist Association (USA)

A grassroots-driven effort to answer the needs of this teaching and practice for contemporary society, SBA recognizes that the rich cultural setting of traditional Buddhism is wonderful in its own right, and that there is an opportunity for it to evolve in ways more suited to other cultural contexts as well. SBA is the home of The Secular Buddhist podcast, a great resource.

Local groups

Bellevue Dharma Group

A group of Buddhist meditators studying and practicing the dharma in Bellevue, Washington, we meet twice a month, usually on the first and third Tuesday. We study teachings and suttas primarily from early Buddhism, but also from modern commentators.


Cambridge Secular Mindfulness Group

Rick Heller leads the secular mindfulness group in Cambridge MA, at which people are invited to explore a variety of meditations, including mindfulness of breath, ambient sound and loving-kindness meditation. A discussion follows the meditation. No experience necessary.

For more information, email Rick at


The Mindful Reflection Community of Unity Temple UU Congregation

The Mindful Reflection Community is a lay-led organization of Unity Temple Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Oak Park, Illinois. It is open to all who are interested in exploring meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhist teachings. We do not follow one traditional Buddhist lineage but are interested in all lineages as well as secular/liberal/western/modern interpretations of Buddhism.

For more information, email Terry at


New York Insight – Secular Sangha

Come join us to explore a secular or naturalistic approach to the dharma which also recognizes the importance of social engagement and political activism as an integral part of our path.

The sangha welcomes not only individuals who are already interested in a secular, socially engaged approach, but those who are curious and want to learn more about it. Through meditation and group discussions, we will support each other in our practice with a commitment to human flourishing and social change in this life.

For more information, email Mike at


Pine Street Sangha

Pine Street Sangha is a community of dharma friends and teachers offering a reflective meditation approach based on early Buddhist teaching in support of spiritual development and healing; a refuge for kindness and curiosity. The sangha is led by Nelly Kaufer.


Red Tree Yoga and Meditation Center

Located in Tuscon, Arizona, the Red Tree Yoga and Meditation Center is ‘dedicated to helping you wake up’ and embraces a secular form of meditation and Buddhism. Tim Clark is the founder.


Sati Sangha

A community of meditators led by teacher Linda Modaro who practice a thoughtful, open-minded and open-hearted approach to insight meditation which honours all aspects of our experience, offering unique ways to learn and practice meditation, both online and in person. Sati Sangha runs online groups in which people study Stephen Batchelor’s After Buddhism, using Winton Higgins’ After Buddhism: a workbook.

For information on Sati Sangha retreats:


Secular Dharma Foundation

Dave Smith is a meditation teacher in the insight meditation tradition. His primary focus of interest has been in early Buddhism and he has established the Secular Dharma Foundation to support his teaching and training projects.

Secular Dharma Foundation
Dave Smith Dharma





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It should would be nice if the list of centers was by state. Then I would not have to read every one of them to see if one was close by.


Not the US I know, but is there anyone interested in Secular Buddhism from Kingston, Ontario?

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