Jason Siff

Unlearning meditation with AlphaZero
Stefano La Fontana explains how an A.I.-based chess program learns from experience, avoiding pre-conceived chess rules, much like his practice of recollective awareness meditation.
Jim Champion on meditation: what if I’m doing it wrong?
Jim Champion discusses the common view of meditators that they are somehow doing "something wrong" and argues that "what I’ve found so far in my practice of meditation (which most commonly involves sitting quietly, with the intention to meditate, in the morning and the evening) is that however much I want do it right, in fact I can't do it wrong.
Why recollect after a meditation sitting: five essential reasons
Here are five reasons why recollecting your meditation sittings is essential for developing an open, unstructured meditation practice.
Jason Siff on meditating with chaotic inner conflict
Sitting down to meditate and having a slew of thoughts rush into your head, and then doing nothing about it, when you know you can settle your mind a bit first, may seem crazy and unreasonable. What is the advantage of letting thoughts and emotions build and consume you at the beginning of a meditation sitting? Why not first calm your mind down with a practice of following the breath, using a mantra, reciting some phrases, or any means by which you can get settled?