Jochen Weber

Secular Buddhism briefly explained
Jochen Weber offers his perspective on the key elements of a secular approach to the dharma.
Discovering the art of waiting – the importance of patience and impatience in Buddhism
From a Buddhist perspective, waiting is not an obstacle but an opportunity for growth and the development of wisdom. Jochen Weber explores how waiting mindfully is an opportunity to practice the art of patience and equanimity.
An interview with Stephen Batchelor on Mindfulness Based Ethical Living
On 22 February 2023, Stephen Batchelor was interviewed by Ayda Duroux, Saskia Graf, and Jochen Weber from Buddha-Stiftung, and Mike Slott from the Secular Buddhist Network. Stephen discussed the key aspects of a new practical and ethical philosophy, Mindfulness Based Ethical Living (MBEL).
The Secular Buddhist Network in Germany
There is a vibrant network of secular Buddhists in Germany. Learn about their network and the foundation that organizes symposia, discussions, retreats, open meditation evenings and publishes books and online content on Secular Buddhism.