Martine Batchelor

Bodhi College’s Secular Dharma Course
Bodhi College’s Secular Dharma course takes a secular rather than a religious approach to the teachings of the Buddha. The course emphasizes the humanity of Gotama and the practical applications of his teaching in this world, and encourage each student to find his or her own way of practice within the secular/religious spectrum of their own lives.
Tuwhiri: a secular Buddhist publishing imprint
The Tuwhiri Project is a publishing imprint which was initiated by secular dharma practitioners in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. As well as publishing books, Tuwhiri helped to develop the Secular Buddhist Network’s online course, Exploring a secular dharma and publishes Creative Dharma, a newsletter.
Three simple words with which to meet our ‘digital’ lives
While digital technologies are, in themselves, neither the problem nor the solution, they contribute to making us increasingly divided and distrusting of one another. Dan Nixon argues that we can begin to create something better by cultivating an ongoing, open-ended spirit of questioning towards all we encounter in our digitally-mediated experience by asking: what is this?
The wanderer stilled: Martine Batchelor on meditation
Martine Batchelor discusses how concentration and experiential enquiry are the two basic elements of all forms of Buddhist meditation.
The basis of meditation
At a Sŏn-style retreat in which the question ‘What is this?’ is posed Martine Batchelor explains that all forms of meditation practice are all based on two fundamental elements – anchoring and experiential inquiry. 
Four bonds of fellowship that help build community
Martine Batchelor discusses the four bonds of fellowship that help build community at a Gaia House talk. What are these four bonds? Generosity, kind words, beneficial help and consistency.