Rethinking not-self: a critical review of Jay Garfield’s ‘Losing Ourselves’
As part of a critical review of Jay Garfield’s 2022 book, Losing Ourselves, Mike Slott offers a different perspective on not-self, one that shifts the discussion from an epistemological and ontological analysis to an ethically-informed exploration of the existential, psychological, and social causes of various forms of ‘selfing’.
Wisdom, contemplation and action
In the second of three articles on the topic of Uncertainty, Care and Responsibility, Carmel Shalev discusses how the notion of not-self, mindfulness meditation, and the cultivation of the brahma-viharas are the crucial foundations of moral agency in this complex world.
The question remains, is there a secular self-emptying?
Drawing on the writings of art historians, political activists, philosophers, Christian theologians, and the secular Buddhist Stephen Batchelor, David Patten explores how we might understand the movement away from the egoic self towards the experience of ‘not-self’, a process of secular self-emptying.