One Mindful Breath

One Mindful Breath looks great … but where’s the catch?
Ramsey Margolis reflects on the challenge of engaging in the secular dharma as an autonomous practitioner, fully responsible for our actions.
Meditation during COVID
Alex Carr, the facilitator of One Mindful Breath, a secular Buddhist group in Wellington, New Zealand, discusses how to start and sustain a meditation practice amidst the challenges and stresses we face during the COVID pandemic.
Teaching the dharma, avoiding ‘the ego trap’
When we give a dharma talk and fall into 'the ego trap,' the focus is one's self and making sure the ego is gratified. Alex Carr confronts the key question: How could I be fostering a sense of equanimity and non-reactivity if my sangha was becoming a place where I would inflame my own craving for praise and admiration and my aversion to failure?