Philosophical musings on Zen and our secular world
Paul Andrew Powell’s new book, Zen and Artificial Intelligence and Other Philosophical Musings by a Student of Zen Buddhism, is an anthology of six, first-person, scholarly essays based on personal insights from his study and practice of Zen Buddhism. In these essays he explores how the living Buddha Dharma is an unrecognized subtext running throughout the entire story of the secular West.
A review of Winton Higgins’s ‘Revamp: writings on secular Buddhism’
Winton Higgins’s latest book, Revamp: writings on secular Buddhism, provides the best account of the history of secular Buddhism available today and identifies the core characteristics of this relatively new trend within Buddhism.  While reflecting on its key perspectives and practices, Higgins also identifies the key challenges facing secular Buddhists. 
Secular Buddhism and the western search for meaning
… Winton Higgins traces the origins of secular Buddhism in interpretations of the Pali canon developed by Harold Musson and Stephen Batchelor.
Core elements of a secular and socially-engaged Buddhism
Mike Slott explores how a radical social theory and core Buddhist insights are both essential to understanding the causes of suffering and creating a society in which all human beings can flourish.
Heidegger for dharma wallahs: the granddaddy of existentialism
In this 2015 talk Winton Higgins discusses the relevance of the ideas of German philosopher Heidegger for developing a secular dharma.