Secular Buddhist Network

SBN’s online meditation group
The Secular Buddhist Network sponsors online meditation groups for secular Buddhists and those interested in a secular approach to the dharma.
SBN’s new group: Exploring aging from a secular Buddhist perspective
Based on conversations at the Secular Buddhist Network’s monthly online discussion group, several of the group’s members have formed a new interest group to explore the aging process as a spiritual practice, within a secular Buddhist frame.
A conversation about the present and future of secular dharma
On 9 February 2022  leaders and facilitators of secular Buddhist groups and sanghas from nine countries – the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the USA – met on Zoom to discuss their current projects, future goals, and how to strengthen collaboration.
SBN’s reading group
Several participants in the Secular Buddhist Network online discussion group took the initiative to form a new reading group, which meets online monthly. The group focuses on topics related to various types of Buddhism, secularity, mindfulness, and meditation.
SBN’s online discussion group: an update
SBN’s monthly, online discussion group had its first meeting in January 2021 and has become an important forum and source of connection for a group of secular Buddhists in various regions of the world. The group is making some changes for the 2022 meetings and a new reading group is being formed.
Two years of SBN: an update
The Secular Buddhist Network (SBN) website and our monthly newsletter went ‘live’ two years ago. In this article we assess the progress made in achieving the goals for SBN that we initially established and two recent changes. We also ask for your feedback.
SBN’s online group meets for the first time
The Secular Buddhist Network online group held its first meeting  21 January.  41 people participated in the Zoom meeting from nine countries: Costa Rica, Ireland, the UK, New Zealand, France, Australia, Germany, Canada, and the U.S. During the meeting, the participants shared their practice and perspectives with each other as we explored the relevance of secular Buddhism in our lives.