A review of ‘Reimagining Zen in a Secular age: Charles Taylor and Zen Buddhism in the West’
Charles Taylor's discussion of secularity has provided secular Buddhists with important conceptual tools to avoid the false dichotomy between the 'secular' and 'religious' aspects of life. James M. Shields reviews a 2020 book by Andre van der Braak which explores the connection between Charles Taylor's notion of secularity and Zen Buddhism.
Philosophical musings on Zen and our secular world
Paul Andrew Powell's new book, Zen and Artificial Intelligence and Other Philosophical Musings by a Student of Zen Buddhism, is an anthology of six, first-person, scholarly essays based on personal insights from his study and practice of Zen Buddhism. In these essays he explores how the living Buddha Dharma is an unrecognized subtext running throughout the entire story of the secular West.
Middle Way Philosophy and Secular Buddhism
Robert M. Ellis explains that his Middle Way Philosophy shares with secular Buddhism a critical approach to the Buddhist tradition, but he argues that ‘secular’ is not a term that provides the criteria we need to skillfully interrogate Buddhism and other traditions.