Tom Cummings

Interconnectedness and not-self
Tom Cummings argues that an awareness of our interconnectedness, a core aspect of not-self, is crucial for overcoming the divisions and conflicts that plague us today.
Moving from regret to remorse
Tom Cummings discusses the difference between regret, which is linked to anger and resentment, and remorse, which elicits a response of compassion and caring.
Tread with care: a secular Buddhist’s approach
Tom Cummings discusses how Gotama's injunction to tread the path with care, calls on us to think rigorously about how we’re living our one and only life, and especially about how we’re interacting with all those we meet along our path.
A practitioner’s journey to secular Buddhism: Tom
Tom Cummings initially practiced Vipassana meditation, but he has found that secular Buddhism's emphasis on our present human life as the one and only existence we have aligns well with the agnostic humanist perspective he has embraced for many years.