Tuwhiri to publish new book, ‘Love you: public policy for intergenerational wellbeing’

December 22, 2020

A publishing imprint created by secular Buddhists in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, Tuwhiri publishes books and creates educational resources to help people find meaning in a difficult world.

Love you: public policy for intergenerational wellbeing is a new book by Professor Girol Karacaoglu, Head of the School of Government at Victoria University of Wellington, which will be published on 14th January 2021. The book examines the processes by which wellbeing-focused public policy objectives can be established, prioritised, funded, implemented, managed, and evaluated, while ensuring that they remain relevant as social preferences evolve over time.

Professor Karacaoglu said that ‘wellbeing is about the ability of individuals and communities to live the lives they value – now and in the future. This is their human right. It would be extremely unjust to prevent the enjoyment of lives centred on chosen values. Preventing such injustice across generations should be the focus of a public policy that has intergenerational wellbeing as its objective.’

‘Half of the net revenue from sales of this book will be donated to The Nest Collective, which gives baby and children’s essentials to families in need’, he said.

Tuwhiri publisher Ramsey Margolis said that ‘while humanity may well come to grips with the current pandemic in the foreseeable future, ballooning inequalities and injustice threaten to shred the fabric of our societies, and the climate emergency menaces all life forms on the planet.

‘In the face of these enduring humanity-induced catastrophes, we owe a special duty of care to future generations to overcome them, and to leave our successors with a safer, fairer world in which they may thrive. We need to express our care for coming generations in many ways, from changing own personal lifestyles, to choosing political representatives who advance cogent, long-sighted policies in aid of a better world.

‘Tuwhiri is a secular Buddhist publishing imprint’, he said. ‘Secular Buddhism is a trend in contemporary western Buddhism which highlights the fundamental ethic of Buddhism – care – in all its aspects. The secular spirit calls on us to express this ethic of care in ways appropriate to our time and current predicaments.

‘While Love you: public policy for intergenerational wellbeing makes no claim to Buddhist inspiration, it serves the Buddhist ethic of care in advocating coherent socioeconomic policies that will benefit people alive today, and those who will succeed us. For this reason Tuwhiri takes great pleasure in publishing it.’

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