Lorna Edwards

Lorna Edwards on Frederick Buechner’s poem, ‘Found’
Lorna Edwards introduces a Frederick Buechner poem, 'Found,' which invites us to pay attention to what it means to be truly human, acknowledging our relationship to the world - both as loving it and being terrified by it.
Lorna Edwards on Mary Oliver’s poem, ‘The Moth, the Mountains, the Rivers’
Lorna Edwards introduces a Mary Oliver poem, 'The Moth, The Mountains, The Rivers,' which speaks to the fragility/ever changing nature of life in all its forms and invites us to reflect on our role as humans on this planet.
An adventure in embracing life
For Lorna Edwards, David Whyte's poem, 'Enough', is an invitation to reflect on how we live in the world, how we need to embrace life as it is.