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Reimagining Community newsletter #18 March 2021

Welcome to our March 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight new articles by John Danvers and Mike Slott, a collaborative photography project for meditators organized by Cameron Macfie, and a new Mindful Feminist Facebook group initiated by Freida Maverick. We also note the second meeting of SBN’s monthly online group and the publication of Lenorë Lambert’s new book on secular Buddhism.

Reimagining Community newsletter #17 February 2021

Welcome to our February 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight a new book by Lenorë Lambert on secular Buddhism, the first meeting of the SBN online group, and a new article by Winton Higgins. We also note a new Bodhi College course taught by Stephen Batchelor, a secular program for Buddhist recovery from Dave Smith, and a virtual townhall for readers of the newsletter, Creative Dharma.

Reimagining Community newsletter #16 January 2021

Welcome to our January 2021 newsletter. This month we highlight new articles by Linda Modaro, Stefano Bettera, and Mike Slott, as well as an interview with David Edwards, a UK-based media critic. We also note the publication of a new book from Tuwhiri, a publishing imprint created by secular Buddhists, and the first meeting of a new online group for secular Buddhists.

Reimagining Community newsletter #15 December 2020

Welcome to our December 2020 newsletter. This month we announce a new online group for secular Buddhists. We also highlight the continuing debate between Seth Zuihō Segall and Winton Higgins on secular Buddhism, an interview with Robert Wright, a new dharma talk by Stephen Batchelor,  and the Spring 2021 SBN course on After Buddhism: exploring a secular dharma.

Reimagining Community newsletter #14 November 2020

Welcome to our November 2020 newsletter. This month we highlight new articles by Seth Zuihō Segall and Winton Higgins, two online courses on the secular dharma,  two new books by Tuwhiri,  and a new course from Sati Sangha on ‘ethical reflecting.’ We also ask for feedback about the website and newsletter.

Reimagining Community newsletter #13 October 2020

Welcome to our October 2020 newsletter. This month we highlight recent dharma talks by Winton Higgins and Stephen Batchelor, as well as new articles by Dr. Cathryn Jacob and Bernat Font. Our feature is an excerpt from a provocative, new article by Stefano Bettera on the ‘God of the Buddha.’