Our Intention

The Secular Buddhist Network (SBN) is an interactive space where secular dharma practitioners can share their perspectives, initiatives, and practices with each other. Maintained by a group of contributors in different countries, SBN does not intend to replace any existing community or organization that is part of the Secular Buddhist trend, and it is open to Buddhists who are members of sanghas which have a non-secular orientation. We hope to foster dialogue and the critical examination of issues related to secular dharma, while strengthening the bonds of community among Secular Buddhists.

While SBN advocates an approach to the dharma which is secular and focuses on human flourishing in this life, SBN encourages discussion and debate concerning a variety of philosophical, political, and ethical perspectives which are relevant to developing a secular dharma for meeting the fundamental challenges of our contemporary life. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to express their own viewpoint, and we endeavor to maintain an open and curious mind when listening to all views, no matter how challenging to our own they may be. Having no central authority that serves as a locus of truth, our understanding evolves through our practice and interactions with each other.

Through this project, we hope to contribute to the decrease of human suffering and to human flourishing – both to individual transformation and a fundamental realignment of our planetary priorities. We also seek to decrease the suffering of other sentient beings as well as to promote the flourishing of all conditions that sustain life on this planet. Our goal is for SBN to be a resource and support for practitioners on a shared journey towards the realization of personal and social priorities that serve the individuals, communities and world in which we live.

The SBN guidelines for contributors and readers' comments are based on our objectives and approach. 

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