Exploring secular Buddhism through courses and retreats

For those who want an introduction to secular Buddhism, or who wish to explore key ideas in secular Buddhism more thoroughly, there are a number of excellent courses and retreats to choose from. They range from self-paced, online courses to the two-year course on secular dharma offered by Bodhi College.

On this page you will find the variety of courses and retreats available on secular Buddhism.  


Reflective meditation retreats as a space for independent and critical thinking 

By Linda Modaro

Upcoming events for secular Buddhists: talks and retreats 

By SBN Editor

A secular Buddhist meditation retreat by Stephen & Martine Batchelor 

By Stephen Batchelor

After Buddhism: exploring a secular dharma 

By SBN Editor

Learning Pāli online: two courses 

By SBN Editor

A study retreat in your own home 

By SBN Editor

My 6 days at a vipassana retreat. The longest 6 days of my life. 

By Carol Smith