December 17, 2018

To facilitate in-person contacts and the development of local sanghas, we have established a listing for individuals looking to meet others in their geographical area. If you want to connect with others in a local sangha, please click here and add your name to the listing.


Secular Buddhism Australia

Lenore Lambert, who is a leader of the Beaches Sangha, curates a website which offers various dharma resources for practitioners and also includes her blog.

State-wide advocacy group

Buddhist Council of NSW

A peak body for Buddhist organisations in NSW and the ACT, and a member of the national peak body, the Federation of Buddhist Councils.

The organisation works with the Buddhist community by:

  • supporting Buddhist organisations
  • collaborating with government, interfaith and other groups
  • offering programs for vulnerable age groups and life stages, including prison and hospital chaplaincy and Special Religious Education
  • making access to Buddhist organisations, principles and practices available to all

To learn more:

Local Groups


Ashtree Sangha

A community of people who support one another as they investigate their experiences in daily life and meditation within the framework of the Buddhadharma.


Melbourne Insight Meditation

Melbourne Insight Meditation (MIM) is a secular community of meditators practicing in the tradition of Insight (Vipassana) Meditation. We aim to support each other and develop our practice. We offer weekly guided meditation sits on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, meditation retreats and workshops throughout the year. Tuesday nights are also accessible on-line. We welcome beginners or experienced meditators to join us.


Beaches Sangha, northern beaches

A secular insight meditation and dharma study group on the northern beaches of Sydney.

Bluegum Sangha, north Sydney

Providing the opportunity to meditate with others once a week, hear Buddhist teachings, be informed about upcoming meditation retreats and activities, and study and discuss the dharma, at Bluegum sangha we offer a secular environment from which to engage with dharma practice, while also drawing inspiration from teachings found in traditional schools of Buddhism.


Golden Wattle Sangha, Bondi Junction

A democratic, secular group that has blossomed in Sydney’s eastern suburbs which studies Buddhist teachings and how they can be beneficial in our busy lives, we follow the emerging secular western insight tradition and are guided by the original teachings of the Buddha.

For more info phone/text Jane on 0403 817 088.


Kookaburra Sangha, inner west Sydney

Sydney’s welcoming practice community for those in the inner west who are interested in insight meditation, we seek to develop our practice and understanding based on a secular interpretation of the Buddha’s own teaching.



15 Replies to “AUSTRALIA”


Are there any secular Buddhist communities in Melbourne?

John Graham

Hi Steph. I notice that over three years have passed since you asked your question.
I am now wondering if a Melbourne group exists.
Do you know of any?
Thank you
John Graham
Ballan, Vic.


Like Steph, I’d like to join (or form) a group near Melbourne.


Hi Jen and Steph, I’m also looking to connect w secular meditation friends in Melbourne. You can get a sense of where my practice is at on instagram @unltd_edn – maybe we will have something in common?


I attended this group in Melbourne a few times a couple of years ago:

However, I am also in finding a group of people nearer St Kilda who work on applying Buddha’s insights to a secular world.


I am also keen to join a secular buddhist group in Melbourne and take part in group meditation.


I live in the Bellingen area mid north coast and would love to join or create a group!


Hi Cole
I live in Woolgoolga and would be interested in joining a secular Buddhist group (conscious that you posted over a year ago and hoping you had a good response)
Hope to hear from you


I would like to join or start a secular Buddhist group on the Gold Coast .

Peter Horler

Just saw this, how’s it going?

I’m not on the Gold Coast, but near Ipswich, but would hope to join you?

With metta

Sarah Gibson

Would like to meet up with those interested in secular buddhism on the northern end of the Gold Coast.


I’m also interested in joining a secular Buddhist group in Melbourne.

Martin Alster

Hi all,
Anyone interested in meeting up in Wagga (NSW)?


Byron area anyone?


Are there any secular Buddhist groups that offer an online sangha in a time zone suitable for east coast Australia?

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