secular dharma

Secular Buddhism briefly explained
Jochen Weber offers his perspective on the key elements of a secular approach to the dharma.
An interview with Dave Smith on his 2024 MBEL program
In a 10 July interview with SBN, Dave Smith, an insight meditation and secular mindfulness teacher, discussed his new program on Mindfulness Based Ethical Living (MBEL), which will begin January 2024.
A secular Dharma discussion group – perspectives from South Wales
The South Wales (Cymru) Secular Dharma discussion group was started in January 2022 and has been meeting once a fortnight online since then. The participants have found the group to be a supportive environment for developing their secular dharma practice.
Stephen Batchelor’s program on Mindfulness Based Human Flourishing
Stephen Batchelor offered a series of four workshops last month on the topic of ‘Mindfulness Based Human Flourishing (MBHF): The Ethics and Philosophy of Mindful Living’.  The workshops explored  the role of mindfulness practice as a key to flourishing in every aspect of human life.
Secular dharma and ethics
Carmel Shalev discusses how the ethical approach of secular dharma is not based on obeying laws but acting mindfully in each situation to minimize harm and promote the wellbeing of ourselves, others, and all forms of life on the planet.