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Rethinking the Dharma / Reimagining Community #37 October 2022
Welcome to our October 2022 newsletter. This month we highlight new articles by Carmel Shalev and Arnie Kozak, a dialogue on secular dharma, a practitioner’s account of his journey to secular Buddhism, and an upcoming workshop led by Stephen Batchelor on Mindfulness Based Human Flourishing.
Our paths to secular Buddhism
Each month, we highlight the path that brought an individual to explore and then fully engage in a secular approach to the dharma.
Secular Buddhist Network’s Calendar of Meetings and Courses
The SBN calendar includes meetings of our various online groups and the SBN course on Exploring a secular dharma.
Tuwhiri: a secular Buddhist publishing imprint
The Tuwhiri Project is a publishing imprint which was initiated by secular dharma practitioners in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. As well as publishing books, Tuwhiri helped to develop the Secular Buddhist Network’s online course, Exploring a secular dharma and publishes Creative Dharma, a newsletter.
Upcoming courses and retreats for secular Buddhists
Upcoming courses, workshops, and retreats led by Stephen Batchelor and other teachers which focus on issues essential to developing a secular dharma.
A secular approach to practicing meditation
Secular Buddhists can and do practice meditation in a variety of ways, but there is no secular Buddhist meditation practice per se. Instead, secular Buddhists bring a secular outlook and orientation to existing forms of meditation practice.
An introduction to secular Buddhism
For those who are curious about or interested in secular Buddhism and want to learn about this relatively new trend within Buddhism, this article will provide a helpful starting point for exploring a secular approach to the dharma.
Ongoing meetings of secular Buddhist groups and sanghas
Workshops, retreats, meetings and other events of interest to secular Buddhists, and the curious
The core concept of secular Buddhism: a fourfold task
The core teachings and insights of Gotama are not ‘truths’ to be believed but a ‘fourfold’ task to help us live our lives in a mindful and compassionate way.