An interview with Seth Segall on his new book, The House We Live In
SBN interviewed Seth Zuihō Segall about his new book, The House We Live in: Virtue, Wisdom, and Pluralism. In this book Seth offers a theory of ethics and flourishing based on Aristotle, Buddha, and Confucius.
Towards a flourishing-based ethics
Seth Zuiho Segall brings together the virtue ethics systems of Aristotle, the Buddha, and Confucius with the pragmatists' emphasis on provisional truths and democracy to offer a new flourishing-based ethics.
What is human flourishing?
Mike Slott offers an account of human flourishing which incorporates Buddhist insights, Marx’s view of human nature, and Martha Nussbaum’s capabilities approach. To flourish, we need to cultivate mindfulness and compassion while creating a society which provides the resources and support for human flourishing for all.
What is eudaimonic enlightenment?
Seth Zuihō Segall proposes a model of eudaimonic enlightenment that he believes integrates the best of the Buddhist and Aristotelian approaches. It is based on a version of Buddhism that is pragmatic and naturalistic, and that has the enhancement of individual and collective flourishing both within a single lifetime and over the course of long-term social development as its ultimate goals.