John Dewey

Mindful ethics, capitalism and sustainability: invest in life, not death
John Danvers argues that the current neoliberal capitalist system is unsustainable and calls for a reformed capitalism more focused on caring for each other and the earth.
An interview with Seth Segall on his new book, The House We Live In
SBN interviewed Seth Zuihō Segall about his new book, The House We Live in: Virtue, Wisdom, and Pluralism. In this book Seth offers a theory of ethics and flourishing based on Aristotle, Buddha, and Confucius.
Engaged Buddhism: vision, hopes, and cautions
Seth Zuihō Segall offers a naturalistic Buddhist vision of flourishing which recognizes both our capacity to make positive social changes and the need to be pragmatic in our approach.
John Dewey, flourishing and Buddhism
Seth Zuihō Segall argues that the Buddhist notions of non-self, interdependence, impermanence, and dukkha need to be situated in the broader framework offered by John Dewey's pragmatic theory.
Reexamining ‘truths’ and ‘tasks’ in secular Buddhism
While Stephen Batchelor's emphasis on the pragmatic and ethical meaning of the Buddha’s teachings has been crucial in the development of a secular approach to the dharma, Mike Slott argues that Stephen has not adequately addressed a legitimate concern about the role and meaning of truth in his approach. The secular dharmic path challenges us to assess constantly both our ‘tasks’ and the ‘truths’ on which they are based.