Secular Buddhists and communities worldwide

In the short time since secular Buddhism has emerged as a distinct trend, individuals interested in a secular approach to the dharma have created a variety of groups – local sanghas, online discussion groups, Facebook groups, meditation centers, research institutes, and national networks. On this page you will find links to secular Buddhist communities and groups which have a strongly secular orientation toward practice. If your group isn’t listed here, let us know by filling in the form below and we will be in contact with you.


Welcome to the Secular Buddhist Network

SBN have set up these listings and map to facilitate connection between Secular Buddhists wherever we may be.

If you are part of a secular sangha or meditation group and would like to let others know about your existence, we will include you on our map and lists.

If you are an individual who would like to start a Secular Buddhist sangha – you are also very welcome to be included.

Please fill in our form opposite, ideally with as much information as possible – making sure to fill in the contact information, description and location for the map/list.

We will send you an email with your details once added.

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